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Scaling the Great Wall of E-Commerce

Strategic Issues and
Recommended Actions

Edited by
Diana Lady Dougan and Fan Xing

Chinese language version now available!

SCALING THE GREAT WALL OF E-COMMERCE: STRATEGIC ISSUES AND RECOMMENDED ACTIONS provides an authoritative, but very readable, analysis of the policy and operational barriers and opportunities facing China's fast growing E-Commerce market. The book is based on findings and recommendations developed by a joint government-industry task force of the Center for Information Infrastructure and Economic Development (CIIED) operating under the auspices of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Cyber Century Forum. The book is drawn from papers written by the ten Chinese members of the task force, each of whom have operational or policy responsibilities involving key aspects of E-Commerce. Their work incorporates input from working sessions with leading international companies who are active globally as well as in the China E-commerce market.

Chapters on trade, financial services, tax, transaction, infrastructure, state-owned enterprises and major municipal initiatives provide useful as well as informative perspectives on China's current and future market considerations. The twenty-point set of recommendations focuses on priorities for specific policy reforms and initiatives by industry as well as government. Special emphasis is given to the importance of developing small, medium and micro enterprises; addressing the unique weakness of China's e-payment systems; and enhancing the potential for cable TV, mobile telephony and satellites in expanding China's E-commerce possibilities. Scaling the Great Wall provides a useful electronic commerce primer for industrialized as well as other developing countries.


Cyber Century Forum/CIIED 183 pp
Summer, 1999
ISBN 0-9675052-0-8  


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