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Arab & Muslim Countries: Profiles in Contrast

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Arab and Muslim Countries: Profiles in Contrast is the most succinct and up-to-date reference guide available on the 50 countries with Muslim-majority populations.

Country profiles are organized and summarized into one-page “snapshots” enabling the reader to make quick country comparisons. Topics covered include ethnicity, population by religion, geography, literacy, politics and government, economics and labor force, Internet access, mass media, telecommunications, computers and foreign assistance. The information is compiled from 20 major data banks including those of the UN, World Bank, and CIA.

The insightful Overview and Guide to Indicator and Terms drill down into key variables and assumptions that affect perceptions and influence analysis of the Arab and Muslim world as it is today. Special emphasis is placed on the underestimated impact of the Internet, satellite broadcasting, and other electronic media influencing these strikingly youth-dominated countries. Arab and Muslim Countries: Profiles in Contrast is designed to assist public diplomacy policymakers, educators, and anyone who wants to better understand these surprisingly diverse and strategically important people and nations.

Diana Lady Dougan is a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), chair of the Cyber Century Forum, and International cochair of the Center for Information Infrastructure and Economic Development (CIIED) under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Ambassador Dougan has served in senior communications technology, foreign policy, and management positions under three U.S. presidents (Democrat and Republican), including six years as the first statutory U.S. Coordinator for Comunications and Information Policy. She has been accorded the permanent rank of Ambassador.


"In an era of dangerously simplistic stereotyping, outdated statistics and conflicting data banks, ARAB & MUSLIM COUNTRIES: PROFILES IN CONTRAST stands out as a timely and strategic resource for policymakers and anyone who wants to better understand these diverse countries and people. The enlightening overview and summary country profiles provide a mother lode of useful information and perspective in a very succinct form." - Lt.Gen. Brent Scowcroft

"This unique compilation of data and information will surely prove itself an invaluable resource for those involved in public diplomacy efforts in the Arab and Muslim worlds. A most timely and thorough reference text." - Henry A. Kissinger
chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

"This is a great little book, highly readable and packed with important useful information about a part of the world too few of us really understand. Ambassador Diana Lady Dougan has rendered an important service in breaking the monolithic stereotype most of us have about the Arab and Muslim countries world wide. The book is well organized for ready reference to fifty Muslim countries whose wealth, education, resources and beliefs rarely are the same." - William H. Webster
former director, CIA and FBI