"Addressing the cyber opportunites of the
new cenutry"



About the Cyber Century Forum

Cyber Century Forum® was founded in 1997 to serve as a catalyst and resource for research, and initiatives that better enable individuals, institutions and governments to address the "cyber" opportunities of the new century. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization based in the United States.

Cyber Century® projects involve a wide range of experts from both developed and developing countries. Priority focus is given to initiatives that assist in extending Internet enabled commerce, news, education and services to non-Internet accessible markets and constituencies.

Cyber Century® maximizes the use of "cyber" environments and technologies in its work and minimizes the traditional barriers of bureaucracy and overhead costs. Whenever practicable it supports or works in partnership with other non-profits that incorporate a mix of industry, government and academic expertise. Programs are funded on a project by project basis by a diversity of foundations and corporations.


Cyber Century Forum®
Email: info@cybercenturyforum.org